Want someone to listen


Family is not always blood. It’s the people who are there when times are good or bad. Always want the best for you and see the best in you. Those that hold a mirror to your face not to put you down, but to hold you down. Those that are patient not because they are forced but be, but want to be. 

Blood is thicker than water, unless its blood thats polluted and infected. Toxic blood. A non-match. Sometimes its better to amputate than nurse a wound. 

Fuck. I have never understood more clearly than I have in this moment what family is. Family is what bonds you. Family is created not a bloodline, in my opinion, but by much more. Much much more. 

As i feel lonely in this moment, I also feel a sense of gratitude. Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported me. Those that fought with me in order to shake some reality and life into my bones. Thanks to those who see my light when I dont, and reminding me of what a strong person I am. 

God damn. Thank you. 

From the bottom of my A+ blood type heart.


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